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As the sole provider of the “PTH Accuratio™ -- 1-84 PTH/7-84 PTH ratio”, SCL is the only laboratory nationwide to provide both the 1-84 whole PTH assay value and the 7-84 PTH inhibitor value, both of which are critical in the proper diagnosis and treatment of renal and bone disease patients. Published research and bone histology have clearly demonstrated the following points of vital information regarding PTH:

  • The parathyroid glands make two parathyroid hormones: 1-84 PTH and 7-84 PTH.
  • 1-84 PTH raises bone turnover.
  • 7-84 PTH lowers bone turnover.
  • High bone turnover disease and adynamic bone disease are conditions that are observed histologically, with bone biopsy being the gold standard for detecting and monitoring these conditions.
  • An excess of 1-84 PTH compared to 7-84 PTH causes high bone turnover disease or hyperparathyroid bones (HPT).
  • An excess of 7-84 PTH compared to 1-84 PTH causes adynamic bone disease.
  • Adynamic bone disease is the most prevalent bone disease (i.e., it occurs more often than high bone turnover disease).
  • Calcification is associated with adynamic bone disease and not with high bone turnover disease.
  • Adynamic bone disease IS REVERSIBLE, but most calcification is NOT.
  • Measuring intact PTH (iPTH -- 1-84 PTH + 7-84 PTH) will not accurately diagnose bone turnover nor identify the majority of patients with adynamic bone disease.
  • Measuring only a single PTH value will not accurarately diagnose bone turnover compared to measuring both 1-84 PTH and 7-84 PTH, nor will it identify the majority of patients with adynamic bone disease.
  • Only Scantibodies Clinical Lab (SCL) measures both 1-84 PTH and 7-84 PTH, to create the Accuratio™ which does indeed diagnose adynamic bone disease with 94% accuracy.
  • Accurate determination of bone status allows the physician to better manage the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patient, as well as those diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism or osteodystrophy.
  • Better management information makes it possible for the physician to accurately prescribe therapeutics such as vitamin D or calcium supplements and to avoid the serious and often life-threatening effects of cardiac calcification, calcifilaxis (calcium deposits in the peripheral vasculature) and other complications.

    = Better quality of life for renal and bone disease patients!

    (Studies are on file at Scantibodies to document each point given above and also listed in the “references” section of this site.)

    In this website you will find an introduction to our laboratory and its fascinating history surrounding our breakthrough in PTH testing. Because SCL is a dedicated and caring company, several programs have been implemented to ensure the highest quality service to our customers. Those programs and a step-by-step guide for submitting samples and ordering tests are given within the SCL Directory of Services (content of which appears on this site). Information for Nephrologists, Pediatric Nephrologists and other medical personnel is given in the Clinical Information section. A Patient Information section is provided, complete with glossary, to aid the renal patient in understanding his/her disease. Also provided is a listing of “Upcoming Events” where our Sales Representatives will be available, and more information about our company and its opportunities (“Careers”).

    We know that you have many options for choosing a Clinical Laboratory; but a working relationship with SCL means responsive customer service, innovative 3rd generation testing with the PTH Accuratio™ and accurate, timely reporting. Each and every employee of the SCL family is dedicated to fulfilling the guidelines of our quality program and providing superior service. See our “Contact Us” section to let us know how we can help you.


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